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    Current location: Home - NEWS - Fu Neng Yaohua appeared in Shenzhen | Yaohua quartz and its G8 photomask substrate independently developed by Shenguang optics appeared in the 22nd optical Expo

    Fu Neng Yaohua appeared in Shenzhen | Yaohua quartz and its G8 photomask substrate independently developed by Shenguang optics appeared in the 22nd optical Expo


    More than 3,000 optoelectronic companies around the world brought innovative technologies and products here.Yaohua Quartz, a brand under Shenguang Optical,took G8 photomask base plate independently developed by Shenguang Optical, which represents the most advanced technology level in China at present, and fused quartz material with a diameter of 600mm to Shenzhen to participate in the exhibition,which attracted a lot of attention from the sceneand became the star of this exhibition,attracting peer professional visitors and VIP buyers to stop for consultation.


    The present trend is that the mask plate will develop towards higher precision, larger size and the whole industrial chain. Due to the high requirements of mask industry, the domestic mask industry is mainly occupied by foreign mask manufacturers.In recent years, with the increasing specifications of glass base plate, higher requirements are put forward for mask precision, resolution and flatness. In the field of glass base plate TFT, domestic matching masks are still blank. AMOLED, Gray-tone, Half-tone mask plates, etc., also depend on imports.


    In addition, the mask base plate and its key materials such as quartz base plate, photoresist and optical film are monopolized by foreign enterprises. With the improvement of technical requirements in the future, the requirements for masks are getting higher and higher, so the key raw materials of masks also need high standards.


    Masks are used in the fields related to lithography. The LCD mask is a photomask used in the field of liquid crystal displays. The raw materials and intermediate materials of mask products are glass base plate, chrome-plated film layer, photoresist, optical film, etc. The main raw material is glass substrate, while quartz glass is used as material for quartz base plate. This is because quartz glass has high optical transmittance, low thermal expansion rate, is flatter and more wear-resistant than other glasses, and has a long service life, so it is mainly used for high-precision mask plates. Due to the excellent properties of quartz glass, the application of LCD photomask base plate will be more extensive in the future.


    Through CIOE, a platform with wide influence, during the three-day grand meeting, I met with new customers of Shenguang Optical for the first time, and got a preliminary understanding of Shenguang Optical's technical strength and historical heritage through on-site introduction. They were interested in this and paid close attention to Shenguang Optical WeChat official account for further understanding. At the same time, we also received invitations from some scientific research institutes and schools for in-depth cooperation, while Yaohua Quartz received orders from many buyers in downstream industries.


    Chip is the foundation of the development of the whole information age, and “lack of chips” is both a challenge and an opportunity for the whole optoelectronic industry. At present, the problems faced by China's chip manufacturing just show that we need to make progress in the whole industrial chain. Shenguang Optical will optimize the parameters of G8 photomask base plate through continuous and in-depth research and development, solve the problem of high cost and low yield of domestic source materials, and push Yaohua Quartz brand with historical significance to the international market through continuous empowerment.


    At present, China has entered the stage of high-quality development, and the manufacturing industry has become the "main battlefield" of the national economy. New materials are the "base technology" of the manufacturing industry, which supports the long-term and stable development of the manufacturing industry.

    New materials are an indispensable material basis for supporting strategic emerging industries and major projects, which is called “a generation of materials, a generation of technology and a generation of projects”. With the rapid development of new industries represented by new generation information technology, new energy and intelligent manufacturing, the demand for new materials is huge in the future. As the key technical parameters in the field of synthetic fused quartz are completely blocked in China, all materials and technical indicators achieved by Shenguang are independently developed by years of technical accumulation. Mastering the core technology in the subdivision of new materials is the mission of all R&D personnel in Shenguang R&D Center, and also depends on the joint efforts of the whole industry.

    Keep heart unchanged and keep ingenuity. Shenguang Optical takes the key indicators of materials reaching the world-class level as its vision, and the goal of building a state-level enterprise technology center, and shoulders the mission and responsibility of a state-level high-tech enterprise from “developing in one field” to “developing in the overall situation”.

    I will insist on my own moral integrity, even if I am alone, I am willing to stick to it.